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There are two formulations of Adipex one must be aware of before procuring these essential weight loss pills. At we supply both the brand and generic Adipex to cater to the different cost needs of our customers. The two different versions Adipex Brand which is called as Adipex-P and Adipex generic (Phentermine) which is manufactured by many companies, are equal to each other in performance, dosage strength, the way they work and the time it takes for the body to show the improvement. As it is a brand, Adipex-P is considerably more expensive than Adipex generic because of the overhead costs laid due to the research and development of the pill. With generic Adipex however there is the reliability issue because it might not be manufactured by trustworthy brands. With us you can purge your concerns about getting counterfeit Adipex generic because we only source the pills from registered trademark companies.

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In addition we also aim to provide some diet plans and workout regimes that can be implemented in combination with Adipex. Adipex administration when combined with changes in the lifestyle can prove to be very beneficial for people who are looking to lose weight fast.


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Although many online pharmacies promise to provide the best service, most of them fall back when it comes to user support. At we value the support of our consumers as they are the pillars to our existence. Right from its inception strived to provide total support to all the customer queries. We have employed enthusiastic team of medical professionals and customer care representatives who would serve to provide fast replies to all your necessary queries. Moreover, we maintain a track record of each customer and save all their queries so as to provide fast and accurate support even in any future incidents. Due to this reason you are required to give your name, mobile number and other details to our customer care representatives when you make a query.