Buying Adipex without Prescription – Is it possible?

adipex tablet bottle

It is not legal to buy Adipex without prescription as it is a schedule 4 drug. There is a possibility where if it is approved for use even without a prescription in some countries.

Phentermine may be available under other generic names in such countries. To buy Adipex online, one must have a prescription from a certified healthcare professional or from a licensed weight loss clinic. To ensure that the drug is used in the correct dosage, it is always recommended to get a consultation first with your doctor.

Buying Adipex by visiting the doctor or the weight loss clinic can be expensive for many, especially if it is not covered by insurance. Those who really require weight loss can search to buy Adipex online. This is the best way for the person get the diet pills in a cost-effective manner and delivered directly to one’s doorstep. The many ways in which you can buy Adipex without prescription for the pills are given below.

How to get Adipex prescription?

One can ideally choose an online pharmacy that offers prescription writing services. This is usually done by a certified healthcare professional that is licensed to write prescriptions after analyzing the patient’s health and medical history. The script is provided after considering the patient’s age, sex, weight and current health conditions. This helps to determine the dose and course duration. One can also clear any queries about taking Adipex with the online doctor. Now that you have the Adipex prescription you can use it to buy Adipex online.

Apart from this option, you can look for overseas online pharmacies that are licensed to sell. These portals may not require a prescription as it may not be mandatory in the country where the pharmacy is established in. Also, these pharmacies may offer under different trade names. So you can buy generic Adipex without a prescription if you wish to try how that works for you. This would give you additional cost savings as well and you wouldn’t need a prescription.

Precautions while buying Adipex without prescription

Since placing the order online is the easiest way of buying Adipex for weight loss, taking a few precautions would help ensure that you’re purchasing only the authentic Phentermine pills that are of the best quality.

  • Verify the online pharmacy you want to use by doing a little research. Making sure that it is a real pharmacy would help avoid ending up with counterfeit medication.
  • If the online pharmacy asks for a prescription for Adipex, check if it can be issued by an online doctor.
  • Avoid getting Adipex from sites where the price is just too good to be true as it usually is so.
  • Know the product information thoroughly before making the Adipex purchase.
  • Save your prescription information as that would make it easier to get your prescription refilled when you are about to run out of your stock.