What Is The Difference Between Adipex And Phentermine?

adipex-p vs phen37.5 pill bottleAdipex and Phentermine treat one and the same condition which is weight loss. Technically the active ingredient in Adipex is phentermine. But for the sake of naming, Adipex-P is the trademark brand and phentermine is the name given to all generic brands other than Adipex-P. Even though the difference is not major, there are few peculiarities which make the brand and generic versions of phentermine differ from each other.

Price difference between Adipex-P and Phentermine

Phentermine generic is priced much lower than the brand Adipex-P. This is because the trademark brand had to spend a lot of money on research and development of the drug. They also had to spend huge sums of money for clinical studies and marketing. All this expenditure is added to the price of Adipex-P 37.5mg tablets. Moreover, all it produced successful results, then the brand value obviously goes high which is one more reason why Adipex-P priceĀ is much more expensive than generic phentermine. Phentermine generic manufacturers only have made their own pill just by changing the inactive ingredients and using the same active ingredient which is phentermine. Hence they do not have to spend more on cost on the manufacturing the product. But even with generic phentermine, the efficiency is ascertained because it has the same chief component as the brand drug. The money you have to spend to buy Adipex in local stores is around $70 for 30 tablets and the price of generic phentermine is around $10 in local stores. This is a huge price difference between the two. The price of generic phentermine also varies for different manufacturers. When you buy Adipex from an online pharmacy it is, even more, lower compared to local stores and you can look for such pharmacies by sparing some time for online research.

Difference based on weight loss pills effectiveness

When it comes to effectiveness both brand and generic variants of this weight loss pill are equally efficient because they basically have the same chief component. The duration it takes for the weight loss to be prominent is same for both the version. However, the point of psychological factor mentioned before might also have some effect on the performance of this diet pill because the user might not feel it appealing to take a certain variant. Other than that, fundamentally there is no difference in performance in the brand or generic phentermine. Both are excellent in reducing weight loss when they are accompanied by regular exercise and a diet regimen.

Dosages available for Adipex-P and Phentermine

Both the generic medications usually come with the same dosage strength, same onset action time and same route of administration. Hence whatever dosage Adipex-p is available in, phentermine generic is also available the same exact dosages. Phentermine 37.5 mg is usually the dosage prescribed for most obese people. Both are also made in tablet formulations but the shape, color, and size of the tablets may vary. This physical difference in the weight loss pills might have a psychological effect on somebody because they are usually used to taking brand or generic. Hence this difference might be a limiting factor for some people and make them continue to use either brand or generic.