adipex withdrawal effectsMost of the weight loss pills like Adipex work narcotically by suppressing the urge to eat food. Since the action is directly over the brain the chance for a dependence and later addiction is high. But it is not the case with Adipex, though it is a narcotic drug. Unlike others of its class Adipex offers comparably good drug tolerance and upon withdrawal, fewer effects are felt by the user. According to their studies researchers says that apart from temporary appetite surge there are no other withdrawal syndromes associated with this diet pill, they called it hyperphagia.

In reality, it doesn’t cause any harm other than putting some weight on again. The problem the user finds might be a reversal of the drug effect back to normal, but fortunately, the effect is short term. But unlike amphetamine withdrawal symptoms nothing of such intensity happens to the Adipex users.  People have been buying the generic form of Adipex (phentermine) since 1959 which is a long way back before they began to buy Adipex online so, the drug has got a long story to be told regarding the quick weight loss success since then.

What is the scientific support for this claim?

A comprehensive study was done regarding this at Center for Weight Management in Sacramento, California by Dr. Ed Hendricks and his colleagues. Other than that dozen other studies focused on the side effects and dependence of this weight loss supplement points the safe stand for phentermine drug. The major comparison was done between its sibling amphetamines which are another most common weight loss narcotic drug. Comparably the withdrawal symptoms associated with weight loss was way less than expected.

Dr. Hendricks hypothesis was experimentally proved in a test of assessment performed on 76 obese patients who administers the drug for past few years. The patients were all long term drug users where the median duration of each user scored 8.4 years and the mean dosage was around 54 mg/day. The study starts with a halt in Adipex medication for two days and upon on answering a questionnaire, it was found that most of the users experienced less to nil withdrawal symptoms other than hyperphagia or urge to eat more food.

This led to a conclusion to rule out baseless comments existing like Adipex withdrawal leads to cardiovascular failure etc. Since the drug shares similar structure to that of amphetamine most expected similar withdrawal effects but the reality was proven to be a reverse.

So, how safe is Adipex?

It is clearly proven that Adipex can be a good aid in rapid weight loss process. Unlike hyped side effects and withdrawal symptoms, the Adipex drug proved to be much safer than its competitors in various scientific studies. The most prominent phentermine withdrawal effect shown was a non-dangerous hyperphagia which exists only for a short duration.

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